We believe it's time to improve the overall advertising value for the entire ecosystem. Qbule Platform enables internet Network Providers to share in the advertising revenues passing through their networks while Advertisers benefit from unrivaled access to ad inventory on the web's premier sites, increasing their reach with more efficiency and overall effectiveness.

Internet Network Providers
Historically, Internet Network Providers have shared in the advertising revenue generated on their networks. Radio, television and cable networks have always shared in the ad revenue enabled by the networks they own and operate. However, as content became available on the Internet, Network Providers were shut out of the ad revenue stream.

It's our core philosophy to think it's time the concept is changed. Qbule Networks patented technology enables Internet Network Providers to share in the advertising revenues passing through their networks.

For Advertisers, we believe there's a better, more effective and efficient way to reach their target customers. Our precision advertising technology is safe and we follow the current industry standards for delivering digital advertising, so we don't put the user in harm's way. We deliver ad tags just like every other digital ad provider today. In the interest of bringing more value to the ecosystem, Qbule Networks is pleased to deliver our revolutionary new online advertising solution.

For Publishers, we commit to flawless integration with zero disruption to the content on a page-no frames, no toolbar, no pushing or manipulating of Publisher content in any way. Publishers serve their site-sold ads first and only then, do we display one of our advertisements from our network.

End-users or pro-customer
Advertisements are presented into existing ad locations or in other locations on the screen that do not cover or obscure any of the published content. Qbule Networks does not manipulate any of the Publisher content on the page. We are also deeply committed to the privacy and safety of our end-users.

Why Choose Qbule?