Marco Gedmin, CEO
Marco Gedmin holds a BA from the University of California- Berkeley, and an MBA in Finance and Entrepreneurship from the University of Washington is CEO of Qbule. Mr. Gedmin has more than 16 years of leadership experience, building brands and businesses for start-ups and large established companies. Prior to joining Qbule he was at Microsoft for 11 years. At Microsoft, Mr. Gedmin was most recently director, product management, for AdECN Exchange, the company's auction-based ad marketplace for online Publishers. He had previously served as director, monetization and advertising for Office Live, Microsoft's web based productivity and collaboration service. He began in Microsoft's Platform Windows Business Group before moving to the Office New Markets Group. Despite his corporate background, he has brought entrepreneurial mindset at his work, allowing him to identify strongly the challenges and aspirations of Advertisers and Publishers.
Robert Karsch, President
Robert Karsch, a graduate in Law and post graduate in business Management is the president of Qbule. Previously he spent much of his career in market research & technology business, specialized in early stage media and technology financing. His skills and experience in business, technology and law gave Mr. Karsch an edge in strategic planning and negotiation in the Internet sector. Throughout his career, he has developed and executed on strategic sales initiatives to stay competitive while driving valuable long-term customer acquisitions year after year. With over 25 years of online experience in all aspects of solution selling, Robert Karsch's understanding and ability to articulate client needs have been invaluable in creating and evangelizing solutions that exceed customer expectations. Robert Karsch's infectious energy has led him to market, manage and sell at several start-up operations that continue to thrive. He feels privileged to have seen online media grow to where it is today.
Mr. Karsch also have been Advisor and on Board to many media, technology, publishing, marketing and technology enterprises. Currently, he is also an investor, serves on the boards of, or is an adviser to a number of traditional, new media, and technology companies,
A life-long Leader, he has also been recognized as a finalist in the "Entrepreneur of the Year" competition sponsored by Ernst & Young.
Wilbert Murphy
Vice President
Strategy Planning and International Affairs
Jesse G. Labrecque
Vice President
Information and Technology
Sophia Harrison
Vice President

Emma Mollatt
Vice President
Client Development

Thomas P. Kogod
Vice President
Sales and Marketing

Donna D. Gordon
Vice President
Accounts and Admin

Isabella M. Rales
Vice President
Human Resources

Ava Glazer
Vice President
Publisher Development


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