Work from Home Program:
A home based earning opportunity where a participant can earn weekly incentives by rendering various services offered by the company. These incentives are directly proportional to the type and value of services offered. Participation in this program is purely optional.
You can earn two types of weekly incentive:

  • Active Incentive
  • Passive Incentive

  • Publisher Referral Program:
    Refer our "Work from Home program" with friends, relatives and acquaintances to help them in making money. Team of your referred Publishers will become a great source of Referral and Passive incentive. Publisher Referral Program is a multiple income; two team double binary system which enables you with four types of Publisher referral incentives.
  • Direct Referral Incentive
  • Leveraged Team Incentive
  • Maxout Overshoot Incentive (MOI)
  • MOI Reward & Award

  • Affix-Publisher ship Program:
    Affix Publisher ship Program is an extra ordinary and unique Residual Incentive plan with higher Maxout incentive. Each individual is restricted to purchase only three Publisher accounts. Publishers willing to earn extra weekly incentive from "Work from Home" job can purchase extra Publisher accounts known as Affix-Publisher account. Affix-Publisher Accounts are extra websites maintained and published by a Publisher on our Ad Server. A Publisher can publish up to 11 extra websites on one Publisher Accounts Affix-Publisher Accounts are added on your Publisher Account and gives you same Active Incentive benefit as a Publisher Account.

    Three types of Affix-Publisher ship Incentives:
  • Premium Publisher
  • Residual Direct Referral Incentive
  • Residual Team Incentive

  • Leadership Incentives
  • Chairman Club Income
  • Rewards and Recognition
  • Ambassador Incentive

  • Magical Wealth Formulae
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