Advertising , Marketing & Research Industry Overview


Amount Amount Date Source
Global Advertising Spending 449 Billion US $ 2012* Magna
Global Online Advertising Revenues 87.4 Billion US $ 2012* Magna
Global TV Advertising Revenues 187.1 Billion US $ 2012* Magna
Global Radio Advertising Revenues 30.4 Billion US $ 2012* Magna
Global Out of Home Advertising Revenues 28.3 Billion US $ 2012* Magna
Worldwide Broadband Internet Subscriptions (incl. wireless) 1.78 Billion US $ 2011* ITU
Total Wireless Subscriptions 5.9 Billion US $ 2011* ITU
Mobile Internet Broadband Subscription 1.2 Billion US $ 2011* ITU
Worldwide Mobile Advertising, Projection 20.6 Billion US $ 2015* Gartner

Top Ten Advertisers of Jan - June 2011

Market Research Overview

Global market research turnover continues to increase reaching US $33.5 billion, representing a year-to-year increase of 3.8%, and 0.4% after adjustment for inflation. While this creates an overall picture of apparent stability in the global market research business, it should be noted that there were massive gains in some markets while others suffered severely due to economic and political turmoil.

Here are few facts and figures of year 2011

Top Ten Countries with the Highest Online Research Spending

Global Market Research Turnover

Net Growth Rate

Research Low on the List - Customer Related Decisions

Top 9 of the Market Research Sector

Top 9 of the market Research Sector 2009

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