What is Affiliate Marketing?

The Affiliate Marketing system is based on the transfer of traffic from an affiliated website (Publisher) to that of an Advertiser. This exchange occurs through the conversion of that traffic into customers through the Qbule affiliation platform. Advertisers wishing to promote their services offer Affiliates a way to generate revenues from their sites by displaying advertisements products and services.

How can I join an Affiliate Program?

All you have to do is sign-up at Qbule as a Publisher by creating and publishing your website with us. All that can be easily done with the use of Qbule user interface.

How many Affiliate Programs can I join?

There is not a limit on how many programs a Publisher can join. There is no limit on how many advertising links can be place on your website

Who is doing Performance Marketing?

Performing Marketing is the choice for online advertisement method for every company that has ever realized the benefits of cost effective marketing. Qbule advertisers range from small, medium to large corporations.

What if I don't refer Affiliates to Qbule.com

Referring Affiliate to Qbule is completely optional. You can simply enjoy "Work From Home" incentives by publishing your website on our Ad-server. Affiliate Referral Program is for big dreamers who are looking for an opportunity to change their life and life style.Participation in Affiliate Referral Program will earn you huge Passive, Referral and Residual Incentive. To understand these incentives please see our Opportunity section or talk to your Introducer or our Executive.

What if I don't create my website?

As a Publisher you need to create your website within 30 days from your sign-up date so that it can be published on our Ad-server. If failed to do so you will not be eligible for Active Incentives

What if I don't upgrade?

If you are happy with the income of "Work From Home" package you entered with updradation is not required, but if you desire to increase your "Work From Home" income, updradation to the Higher package is advisable. In most of the cases Affiliates who don't have enough money to buythe higher package start initially with lower package and then upgrade to higher one. The best and simple way of upgradation is to request company to deduct a certain percentage from your earning. Each time you earn incentive a fixed percentage is deducted from your earning till difference amount for upgradation is complete. Deduction percentage can be managed and altered by you from your affiliate admin area.

What is Magical Wealth Formulae?

It is a formula if applied can convert a small amount of money into a big wealth pool. Once applied it runs automatically by our system and creates a huge regular source of monthly "Work From Home" incentive. For better understanding see the magical formula table or ask your sponsor or company executive.

Why should I apply Magical Wealth Formulae?

If you are really looking for a real big "Work From Home" income with a very little investment, Magical Wealth Formula is the only solution. Apart from Active "work from home" income Magic Wealth Formula also increases your Passive, Direct Referral and Residual incentives also.

Magical Wealth Formula income seems to be unbelievable how it is possible?

Magical Wealth Formula is not a secret; it is a true example of compounding growth. Generally people don't careor understand the power of compounding. We have just calculated and simplified it for your understanding. If you apply this formula on your account and motivate your team affiliates toapply Magical Wealth Formulae in their accounts, you're Passive Incentive, Residual Team Incentive and Rewards will increase 12 times. So apply it and create extraordinarywealth

What if I forgot my Password?

To retrieve your Password, use "Forgot Password" retrieval link found on the Login page, or email our Support Department and provide the relevant information asked by us such as your Affiliate ID, mobile number, introducer name and the site you are affiliated with. If satisfied password will be send on your mobile no. or alternate email id provided by you. We advise you to keep one alternate email id and update in your profile page.

How to generate Transaction Password?

Go to affiliate admin area and click the link "Generate Transaction Password". Transaction password will be generated and on your registered mobile no. and e-mail id. Your transaction password is a secret password and is required for all kind of financial transactions hence we advise you to keep it secret and change every month.

Why Confirmation code on my Mobile No. & Email id for every transaction?

It is a safety measure and is done to avoid any malpracticeor misuse of your account by any unauthorized user. Unless confirmation code is entered the system will not accepts the transaction as valid one.

Why there is so much hype about Qbule

Qbule is a very unique & innovative idea in the field of digital marketing, advertising and other allied services. According to New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc.the Global Advertising Industry will reach US$ 691.6 Billion by 2015 from $449 in 2012

Can I sponsor Affiliates globally?

We operate seamless program globally hence you can sponsor people anywhere in the world. To support the team of your referred Affiliates we advise you to sponsor people in those countries only where we have our presence. We will be informing you well in advance before opening to a new country.

How do I update my account information?

Most of the information's can be updated by you from your affiliate admin area for remaining updates please contact the Qbule customer and provide your updated information. We will update it for you during the next 48 hours.

Can I introduce Advertisers to the Company?

It will be a highly appreciable and rewarding work of yourand will also earn you additional agency commission. Though we have team of our executive who are regularly adding up new clients to the company, advertisers referred by you will be our additional clients and a great source of agency commission for you. Every time the advertiser who was referred by you pays us advertisedamount your agency commission is generated.

Do you accept small advertisers also?

Irrespective of the size every client is important to us. A company or individual with over $1000 budget can advertise us.

How can i trust company?

You may have lot of reasons for not trusting, but we advise you to find one good reason to trust us. We are talking about the industry which is multibillion dollar and growing at the rate of 15% per annum. Have you ever imagined that by using your collective power Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter and many more corporations has created fortune and today they are multibillion dollar corporations? Do you have an idea from where they earn money?What is their main earning source?Advertising and publicity, Google AdSense is the biggest and leading player in the world of advertising.
We are having our own Ad-server similar to the Google AdSense. We are publishing your websites on our own Ad-server hence we are not dependent to any third party organization.
We don't charge any server fee the amount paid by you is against your website, publishing and SEO. You can also publish your website on other advertising affiliate programs also such asGoogle. Yahoo etc. and earn. It is better said "the biggest risk of life is not to take any risk" you can have either of the choice "to do nothing and get nothing" or trust and work with us.Together we will create success.

How your program is different from other advertising or ptc websites?

We are very different from other PTC program. At Qbule we provide you complete one stop solution from creating your website to SEO and publishing on our ad-server. Our affiliate program is very lucrative and high paying. We have also designed an online and offline training module for our affiliates conducted by our employees and senior affiliates.

Is there big career in this industry?

Advertising, Digital marketing and allied services are a huge industry growing at the rate of 15% per annum. It is a never ending industry as manufacturer and service providers will always use advertising and promotional tool to promote and sell their products and services.

Why work from home is getting so popular all over the world?

With the growth of internet more and more people are opting for work from home job. This is less expensive and convenient for companies and people. People can perform the job at the ease of their home. This is also the best part time job for converting your unproductive time into productive one

How much return will I get every month?

This is not an investment program and you are not paid return on your investment. We are a "Work From Home" company and rewards Affiliates against the services rendered. In case ifyou don't render offered services you will not be paidActive commission for that week.
The amount paid by you is against your website, domain name, SEO and publishing.

What is risk in your Program?

Absolutely no risk as you receives product and services against your paid amount. We offer you two extraordinary program "work from home" and "affiliate services"

I am convinced now.

Congratulations and welcome. Register with us and enjoy our programs


What are the payment methods?

Qbule offers the multiple payment solutions: PayPal, Perfect Money, Payza, Bank Wire, Skrill or Webmoney.

When do I get paid?

The incentives are credited into your e-wallet after 30 days of submission of completed job. The payment request can be raised every week. Payment request raised till Friday will be dispatched on Monday.

What is the minimum payment amount?

To collect your payment, your earnings balance must reach $100. If the Publisher's revenue does not meet the minimum amount criteria, the accrued amount will be carried over to the next date of revenue distribution.


What Qbule does?

Qbule links Advertisers with Publishers to make business grow via its Publisher platform. Advertisers post ads on the network and the Publishers choose and post ads they consider appropriate to promote. Qbule Publisher network gives Advertisers maximum targeted exposure and Publishers higher payouts

How to add a new site?

It is very simple. Login to your publisher admin area at www.qbule.com and follow instruction

What are acceptance criteria for a website?

To be validated by our team, your site must meet the following conditions
Be accessible (the site must be online and searchable / not under construction)
Have content that complies with the law (no incitement to hatred, violence, racism, pedophilia, and other)
Be readable, not use background colors and fonts combinations that make the site difficult to read and navigate through Have real content: multiple pages and one or more themes
Not be a mirror site that redirects (directly or indirectly) to another site Not have been previously submitted on our platform
All sites that do not meet with these criteria will be systematically refused.
For any further information or request for reevaluation, please contact our Support team.

Can I publish multiple websites?

Anaffiliate is authorized to have maximum of three publisher accounts and upto 11 sub-publisher accounts on each publisher account

I am an International, can I join?

We do accept Non-English websites.

Still have questions?

Please Contact Us, our sales representative will contact you shortly.


What is an Advertiser?

An Advertiser, also known as a merchant, is a company that sells a product or service online and is realizing an online advertising campaign. Publishers promote an advertiser's product or service by placing the advertisement on their own websites, e-mail campaigns and search listings in exchange for a commission.

Why to advertise with Qbule?

We are able to deliver your advertising message to the right audience around the world. The team of Qbule is focused on ensuring that your advertising budget is wisely invested. We provide algorithmic campaign optimization methods through innovative ad management platform allow online advertisers to effectively reach targeted audiences, increase overall sales, gain larger market share, and build brand awareness among potential customers.

How do I get started?

Fill out the Advertiser Request form. It is absolutely free with no obligations. Our sales representative will contact you shortly.

What advertising models does Qbule offer?

Qbule offers Run-of-Network (RON), Run-of-Channel (ROC), and Site Specific advertising models. Obviously, the cost of the campaign escalates when you move from RON to ROC. RON is the cheapest way to advertise, because the ads are running across the entire network. ROC is more expensive because the campaigns are running on sites within a specific channel only. Customized ad placements ("Site Specific" model) are also available on a client-by-client basis.

What pricing models are available?

The Qbule offers CPM, CPC, CPA and Hybrid (minimum fixed CPM + CPA) pricing models.

What targeting features are available?

  • GEO-Targeting To Country, State, DMA, and ZIP;
  • Frequency and Click Capping;
  • Browser, Line Speed, and OS;
  • Post-Impression Tracking;
  • Day Parting;
  • Domain and Language;
  • Age, Gender;
  • Boolean Logic and Segment Targeting;
  • "Above the Fold" or "Below the Fold";
  • Re-Targeting;
  • Mobile Handset, Carrier, and OS.

What is the minimum budget for Advertiser to start an ad campaign?

In our opinion and according to our experience, it is difficult to achieve positive results if your campaign has less than 2-4 million impressions in total. Therefore, we suggest you to start with minimum budget of $1000.

howcan I monitor the performance of my campaign?

Qbule provides 24/7 access to highly customizable real-time statistics reports through easy-to-use interface. Statistics updates normally happen every 2-3 hours.

I am an International, can I advertise?

We do accept international advertisers, as well as Non-English ads. However, the final decision depends on available inventory and current market supply. Please Contact Us for more information

Still have a questions?

Please Contact Us, our sales representative will contact you shortly.

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